Monday, 22 November 2010

The Big Debate: Trunks or Swim Shorts?

Yes it's been a while and Yes I am still marching on with the challenges for The Everyman Olympics and Yes I do owe you the write-up on The Decathlon Challenge and The Table Tennis Challenge but while work has managed to soak up almost every spare minute of my time lately, this past week I've been able to start The Swimming Challenge, thus sparking The Big Debate: Trunks or Swim Shorts?

Lets be honest, when it comes to pool or seaside fashion us Brits are not exactly known for our taste in garments; knotted handkerchiefs on heads and white socks in sandals to name but 2 of our faux pars.

Our swashbuckling European neighbours are far more at home with flaunting their tanned limbs though is it true to say that ALL of those on the Euro mainland vacuum pack their giblets into shiny nacker sacks?

As a dapper English chap in possession of many national traits, including reservedness, I'm not one to strip to the waist the minute the sun comes out and neither will you see me reach for the Speedos when its time to take a dip in the pool, but my own bloodline is a cocktail made up of Italian, French & English so surely my personal choice in aqua-wear is exactly that: a personal choice.

So what say YOU? Trunks or Swim Shorts? Debate.

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