Thursday, 18 August 2011

AP McCoy's Got Nothing On Me

Earlier this evening I took myself along to a great local store to get fitted up for some new togs, though these aren't the ones I've promised myself for reaching 5 miles running...these are for The Equestrian Challenge.

The Raleigh Equestrian was my shop of choice, after checking out their website I knew this was the one for me and when I rolled up, the lovely ladies there were of great help in getting me kitted out.

The Eskimos have departed, fearful of the Horsey Folk!

£87 later I was all fitted up with riding britches, a hat and some riding boots - watch our AP McCoy!

Looking Dapper
Tomorrow eve I shall trot along for my first lesson at Wildwoods Riding Centre, where I shall do battle with the mighty Trojan:

My Robotic Nemesis
Right now though I'm off to do a short run and some body weight exercises, think I'll get changed first...toodle pip.

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