Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Handball Challenge: Match Three, Warwick vs Brentwood

With Phillipe Kouessan-Ettori and Danny Sedano returning to the fold for their first league match of the season, and our greatest team attendance yet, we headed back to Cranfield University with our strongest squad so far to face Warwick Uni.

Making up the 11 and coming out of a heavy cold I'd be happy to warm the bench while my stronger team mates lead the way...and set off to a fine pace they did; Rob bagged the opening goal of the match for Brentwood were leading 3-2 with ten minutes played.

The refs were a little harsh on us, I'm not saying they were showing favouritism but lets just say that Warwick were getting a generous share of the decisions.

Warwick lead with their lump of a No.8, seemingly playing a looser attack, with No.5 coming in from the right wing to launch shots on goal and a canny No.7 rushing in from the left to force goal scoring opportunities through our central defence.

Warwick's No.7 attacks.
We'd lost some focus after a good start and trailed 13-6 at half time.

Coach Kuller Rabaca gave us a stern tactical talk at half time, the fruits of which flourished early with Brentwood putting the ball into the back of the net 4 times to Warwicks 5 in the opening ten mins of the second half, we were competing once more.

Coach Kuller Rabaca puts the steel back in our wheel
Again we stuttered midway through the half and it seemed we were struggling at times to make our numbers count, despite the opposition suffering a few key injuries during the game but Mark Cory in the Brentwood goal was on song and kept us well in the match with some stonking saves to frustrate their tiring attack.

Brentwood's top scorer, Chris Baker, pounces again - he bagged 8 goals in this game.
We managed a heroic end to the match, outgunning Warwick 15 to 14 goals in the back half of the fixture to reduce the final deficit but sadly the first half lull cost us - the final score Warwick 27 - Brentwood 21.

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