Monday, 19 March 2012


Yesterday morning began much like any other March morn on the South East coast; the sun rose up from the eastern depths of the River Thames to illuminate the pebbly beach, cast shadows behind the cockle sheds and blind those who'd left their curtains just a tad too far from being properly closed.

I work with a hunger in my belly and the feeling that my legs just wouldn't settle for walking pace to start their day, so I spun on a hob, panned-up my porridge and dug out my lycra - this morning my training for The Triathlon Challenge would commence, all going well with a 40km cycle.

Omens maybe were going against me when I had to lift my Claud Butler over my neighbours car to get to the road but I wasn't prepared to listen to them on such a gloriously sunny and yet crisp beginning to a Mothering Sunday.

After a week away from the feeling of pedalling roadside I was eager to get on, though my gears where doing that annoying half-change thing where they seem to whir disappointment and refused to completely click into place, infact just as I was rounding the corner to begin my assent of Essex Way they flatly refused to skip into the entire higher set; leaving me attempting this arduous gradual climb without my roadbike's inbuilt technical benefits.

Hacked off and hacking up my porridge I made the decision at the top to cut short my mornings bike ride and instead opted to begin learning the tough switch between cycling and running - at 12 miles I dropped by wheels safely back under lock and key and headed out for a 3 mile jog.

That first mile I felt like I was running against the tide in the mouth of the Thames itself, from the waist down I swore my body had doubled in weight and halved in height; even old folk were looking over at me willing me to get a wiggle on, it was like running in quick sand.

I named this tale Tri-hard but the reality is that I've got a heck of a lot of training to go through before I'll even be able to complete this back-to-back-to-back three-sport challenge AND I'm still searching for a way to tackle it - if you know anyone who can help, please get in touch. Tri-hard? I need to Tri-harder!

Seriously I realy need your help finding somewhere to tackle The Triathlon Challenge, if you can help please email me: Cheers ; )

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