Friday, 20 April 2012

The Wrestling Challenge - Training Day 1

With a trip to the land that invented burgers and dunkin' doughnuts on the cards for the week ahead I knew I'd need to top up on sports activities to remind my body that I've still got a long way to go in the quest of The Everyman Olympics, so this morning before work I went for the now customary 10k coastal run and this evening's choice of physical education? Well what be better than a spot of friendly Wrestling...

I'd learned of South Essex Wrestling at Elite Fitness in Rochford, Essex, through my pal Chris and when I emailed them to see if I could come along to learn, train and fight for The Wrestling Challenge, Coach John Rushton was straight back to me with an invite to come along one Friday evening to get involved.

When I arrived the session had already began so I found a space on the matted floor and followed the stretching exercises as delivered by the man I now know as Coach Hales, another John - round these parts they make their John's pretty sturdy.

Coach Rushton & Coach Hales - solid John's.
Both Coach Rushton & Coach Hales made me feel really welcome and wasted no time in getting me involved; they demonstrated a technique which the class studied a few times, then we partnered up and practised the move.

The fella I was matched with had been doing the sport a while and helped me to learn each exercise, we took turns leading the moves; after a good number of goes the coaches would show another technique and we'd go back to the mat to try them out.

Next up was a submission section, while the rest of class did this I was taught more in line with the Olympic methods; no submissions, with bouts ending in victory by pinning both an opponents shoulders onto the floor at the same time, or by collecting points. Both coaches granted me time to train one-on-one with them, and I also partnered up for the three minute sessions with various other fighters, all of whom helped me learn and try new techniques...all of them were built like rugby players.

By the end of the session I was covered in sweat, and yet some of the others opted to have extra fights...

The chap against the wall here must of had 4 additional bouts...dude loves a scrap.
If you fancy getting involved in Wrestling you can learn more about South Essex Wrestling or other Wrestling clubs here.

This is a workout like Judo, you're using body weight, brains, strength and stamina - if I could train like this in the States next week I could eat like the locals!

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