Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Will The Real Olympics Please Stand Up

Yesterday was a day like none other yet encountered in my two year journey on The Everyman Olympics, not once but twice the real Olympics clashed with my 'lesser' project...

Just after a hearty and free lunch (cheers Ma), I popped along to Basildon Sporting Village, a veritable mecca of sport; they've an Olympic sized pool, state of the art gym and Gymnastics facilities that could rival any Russian oligarch with a penchant for watching Lycra-clad young lovelies in action.

While I waited for my chance to speak with the Gymnastics receptionist (that's just how professional this place is), I had to take a step back to allow...the Japanese Olympic Men's Gymnastics Team through! Each one of these double-agile chaps was sporting their national training kit and looking as focused as Kevin Costner when he shot that arrow in a movie one time.

I guess if the Japanese Gymnastics Team's diet consists of pure gold, they deserve priority bless em.

Sadly when I spoke with the very helpful receptionist she was unable to promise a positive response from the gymnastics coach as they were so busy with Olympic teams using the venue at present. The Basildon I grew up has changed dramatically it would seem.

The second collision between my Olympics and the other one happened just a few hours later...when I was heading into Garons Park, Southend, to do some Swimming training for The Modern Pentathlon Challenge. I had a photographer I've met, called Beach, with me - he was looking to get some shots of me training in the pool, but we were denied! The reason: The GB Diving Team were training in the Diving pool right next door.

Team GB Divers: You could have trained outside lads!
I'm not one to mind sharing the limelight but sheeesh!

Thankfully Basketball training went according to plan yestereve. Phew.

The Everyman Olympics continues...

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