Saturday, 4 December 2010

Why diets work better in Winter...ish

OK so on first glance this argument may appear irrational and misguided, surely the Summer months are better for shedding the pounds right? Wrong! Here's why diets work better in Winter...ish

Social Gatherings

Social Gatherings add pounds - bring people together in groups and they'll inevitably involve food and most likely alcohol to the occasion. Both of which are packed with calories and both of which you're likely to over-indulge in.

Seasons may be the result of the yearly revolution of the Earth around the Sun and the tilt of the Earth's axis relative to the plane of revolution but as simple folk we like to put a date on them and hence regardless of which Premiership Church Team you follow, for the foreseeable future there is only one 'must attend' big bash in *Winter, and that starts right at the beginning - so you've almost the whole season to redeem yourself on the dietary front!

*Refers to Northern Hemisphere

Don't worry fella, there's time to shed those Christmas pounds!

Going Places

Jack Frost will inevitably show his ugly face some time in Winter, and usually he brings along his pals Snowy Dave & Cold-As-Ice Carroll: together they set about covering everything in monotone glory before mixing it all together to form a nasty brown mush before Spring turns up for The Big Clean.

The arrival of Jack and his mates signifies a period where your chances of travel dive like your libido in a cold snap.

Going Places always involves extra snacking and not in a healthy way; show me a service station that has a juice bar rather than a fast food chain outlet?! Hence not Going Places reduces the likelihood that you'll snack.

Getting Stuff

Linked heavily with Going Places - when the snow and ice take over your travel plans, you first cancel going to work, then you cancel going to unnecessary Social Gatherings, then you cancel going to the shops in favour of finding out what's at the back of the kitchen cupboard (always the healthier 'less exciting' food stuffs), then when you've finished eating the tins of tuna with remarkably long shelf lives, you venture out to the corner store only to find that their deliveries haven't arrived, or they couldn't be bothered open the store that day.

Getting stuff becomes a chore, especially when you have to spend half an hour layering up with hats and coats and scarves and wellies before you even leave the comfort of your nice warm home....mmm it's nice and warm I really need to go to the shop?...I wonder what's at the back of the kitchen cupboard!

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