Sunday, 5 December 2010

Exercise for LIFE

Since beginning The Everyman Olympics I've noticed a few things about exercising - it turns out it's mostly good for you, and here's why:

L is for Love. It's also for Libido

Ever wonder why the the other chaps in the gym all have hungry eyes? Exercising regularly raises your A Game in the sack and also makes you as horny as a pube-sprouting teenager.

Lance Armstrong's Live Strong campaign site have researched the researchers and relayed the scientific facts behind this claim, here's a link:

The race is on for another boner
I is for Intelligence
Not only will doing exercise improve your basic maths (3 sets of 15 reps = 45 reps in total) but it'll also increase your brain power in other ways too...

The bods at the University of Illinois did some tinkering with the lives of 100 couch potatoes and found that these thick twats were capable of more than just using the remote control when pushed to simply go for the odd walk:

Though I'm not sure I buy into the rumour that Professor Stephen Hawking's physical state is down to him unsuccessfully attempting a 200kg Clean & Jerk without spotters!

Arnie had nothing on me

F is for Fashion

Get to work on ditching the wobbly bits and you'll find you don't need to appear as if dressed like a sack of spuds.

Once the loose lumps turn to firm bumps you'll be wanting to buy some new trendy togs to go with the new slimline you.

All that money you save on not eating fatty nonsense will come in handy.

Not exactly Harvey Nichols

E is indeed for Ecstasy (though not the kind the Shamen harped on about in the 90's)

E is also for Endorphins...Energy....and Ego

All of these E's are boosted when you Exercise!

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