Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Fresh Legs

First things first...

Happy New Year!

I hope you're all well and the fatlad with the white beard and dodgy red outfit didn't just eat your mince pie and neck the brandy you left him but actually left you some of the gifts you'd asked for too.

I've been quiet of late, apologies for that - I promise I'll be updating you regularly on here, on Twitter ( @EveryOlympian ) and on Facebook (Search The Everyman Olympics) from here on!

Just so you know I've not given up, here's how my December panned out:

Early in the month I tried to get The Fencing Challenge up and running; Karim of Catch Sport was kind enough to supply me with some contacts - he's a former International Fencer himself and runs a great company that aids athletes in gaining financial support, so he's very well connected.

Unfortunately I didn't hear back from the Fencing contacts, and with time ticking by I put the feelers out for The Football Challenge.

A wonderful lady who called Una, who it turns out trains people in the South West to do Synchronised Swimming, suggested I contact the local Football Association (FA) representatives who could provide me with contacts for local teams.

Though as I sent out a cartload of emails to cover the areas I'd be traveling to during the coming weeks, bad weather arrived in the UK and snow began to be forecast - even Premiership football matches began to get cancelled and those stadiums have heated pitches...it wasn't looking good!

Disaster struck care of yours truly when at my works Christmas Party I got coaxed into drinking games - before I knew it I was running around a broom 3 times before trying to catch a colleague to tag for their turn when I drunkenly ran knee-first into a solid wooden chair.

The resulting lump on my kneecap put me out on the sidelines for the remainder of 2010.

I snapped out of the Christmas eating binge around the 28th December and tentatively entered a gym in Northamptonshire to begin testing my knee on the treadmill...

Thankfully I survived the treadmill test, and the cross trainer, and the exercise bike - I was back in the game!

Yes, yes, I know I owe you write-ups for The Decathlon Challenge, The Table Tennis Challenge & The Swimming Challenge  - I'm currently going back over my notes and will have them out shortly...I've just become distracted with The Water Polo Challenge!!!

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