Friday, 25 February 2011

The Everyman Olympics 1st Birthday!

Some Birthday candle eh?!
I began my mission to tackle every sport in the Games, rather conveniently on my 33rd Birthday, this week I turned 34 on The Everyman Olympics 1st Birthday!

Personally I believe that when most of us arrive at our 30's we take an introspective look at ourselves, reminisce on what we've done so far and reassess what we want to achieve - then work out how to get it.

I guess I took a little longer than most to work out my goals; What would I like to do with my life? (Probably the only question we ALL share).

When I started out with the idea for The Everyman Olympics I didn't do any regular sport, had the dietary habits of a fast food restaurant employee on the late shift who happened to like a drink straight after work, and the hand-eye coordination of an elephant...I looked like this:

I weighed 14 stone 4 pounds (200lbs / 90.9kg) and had the physique of a bag of spuds.

The facial hair may have calmed down since then (though if you follow me you'll know that at one stage I had a ginger hedge for a head), I now look like this:

I weighed 13 stone 7 pounds (189lbs / 85.9kg) when I stood on the scales the morning of my 34th and while I'm still chasing the original goal of losing a stone, my physique is starting to look more toned (less spud-like) and there are firm bumps where loose lumps once roamed.

I've met some very excellent people along my journey from swimming pool attendants to former World Record holders, but I've still got miles to go!

So far I've tackled Rowing, Badminton, Running, Weightlifting, Road Cycling, Tennis, Canoeing, Decathlon, Swimming, Table Tennis, and am midway through Water Polo and Fencing...oh and now I'm starting Judo tomorrow!

Judo will be my 13th sport of 38, making me officially a 3rd of the way there...and it only took 1 year.

Please check out this page and if you can help with a sport I've yet to achieve or want to get involved then please get in touch:

Or if you simply want to wish me a Happy Birthday! then add a comment below...Cheers!

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