Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sprint advice from Team GBs finest

In my quest to perfect my training techniques as I look to do each sport for The Everyman Olympics justice I was able to meet up with Team GB's 400m ace Martyn Rooney today.

After waking up early at the missus in the Midlands I logged onto Twitter and couldn't believe my luck when Martyn replied to tweet of mine - he'd be training at Loughborough University's HiPAC - High Performance Athletics Centre.

Rooney is a Double Olympic Finalist & World Medalist, so I figured he could teach me a thing or too about the most dreaded of track events - the 400 metres sprint.

Martyn Rooney: Double Quick

I know what you're thinking - I've already completed The Decathlon Challenge (I just need to post the is coming....honest!) BUT I've recently managed to get the opportunity to do another one - against real Olympians!!!

This next Decathlon will happen in Summer...hopefully...I'll keep you posted.

When I arrived at HiPAC Martyn was coming towards the end of a training session on the outdoor track, so I introduced myself as he walked back from one of his 150m sprints and then popped back inside the impressive building to wait for him to finish.

While I waited I had a chance to watch some of GBs finest talent train hurdles, sprinting and javelin - I know the latter sounds weird indoors but in the centre they have a purpose built area for this and use javelins without a point on them.

We spoke for around half an hour about everything from running technique to competing at the Olympic Games to legends Martyn knew and had trained with to the difference in training facilities here and in the US to preparations for London 2012.

I was buzzing when I left, I knew how to approach the toughest of the Decathlon races and I think there was even a mutual admiration as Martyn had asked about my quest and seemed to really like the idea of someone willing to attempt every sport.

It was a real privilege to meet a great athlete and a top bloke, I wish him all the best with prep for the World Championships in South Korea this August and come the Olympic Games I aim to be in the stadium cheering him on.

Martyn meets a massive beard wearing a fat lad

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