Monday, 4 October 2010

Vote Now!

The BBC are looking for Sports Unsung Hero to give them an award for their endeavours alongside current professional stars at this years Sports Personality of the Year Awards and I think that could be ME - I just need your help!

So what are The BBC looking for?

'We want to know about an individual who, on a voluntary basis, makes a real difference to sport within their area.' The BBC

I'm not paid for The Everyman Olympics. And I cover a large area - so far I've ventured as far East as Southend, as far West as Basingstoke, as far South as Hove and North as Doncaster...but I'm willing to go so much further! Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the States,  Australia...just invite me!*

*And provide travel and accommodation.

What else do the organisers want?

'This person will give their time and talents to enable others to participate in sport.' The BBC

I give loads of my time over for this very reason...and to beat Carl of course (struggled there), you are ALL welcome to play a part in my challenges - simply email me at and let me know which sport you want to get involved in.

Any last requests from The Beeb?

'This may be helping an individual, team or teams'. The BBC

Let's see - I've so far battled individuals at badminton and tennis and the decathlon, got other individuals out with me running, done weights with one of the country's finest athletes, and I'm part of 2 cycling teams, AND I'm part of a canoeing team! - to date in helping myself I've also 'helped' over 40 individuals and counting!

I rest my case.

To VOTE FOR ME to be BBC Unsung Sports Personality of the Year 2010 simply:

Download and complete the Unsung Hero nomination form (Word) at the bottom of this page:

And email this completed form to:

My contact details:

With gratitude,

The Everyman Olympian

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