Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Jetlagged Peddler

Here in Boston for work this week I'm suffering from what's medically known as desynchronosis a physiological condition caused alterations to my bodies circadian rhythms - in other words: I'm double jetlagged!

I've woken at 4am(ish) every morning since my arrival on Saturday and had little joy in getting back to sleep.

This morning was no different so after a few minutes rolling in bed and not being able to get off again, I headed to hotel gym...it was 4:45am.

Bizarrely a fellow worker for the same business, himself hailing from Japan, also stepped out into the corridor at the same time as myself, though he headed off into the morning light for a run.

The gym was deserted when I entered, so as I'm still recovering from cracked ribs I plonked myself onto the only machine which doesn't require torso movement or strenuous upper body use and got peddling...

Perfect for my requirements but I haven't a clue what it's called.
By the end of the hour I was soaked in sweat, had used over 500 calories and either 10 or 17 miles - why do gym machines always leave it ambiguous as to which distance measurement they use for *@~#?!! sake!

Every machine in this small but ample gym was in use when I left and on the escalators heading out into lightening day were another 4 runners...clearly, I'm not the only one here suffering from jetlag.

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