Friday, 1 April 2011

Return of the Mat

Two weeks in Sri Lanka should have sorted me right out: I left with the usual feeling of work getting on top and had a busted rib or three from my first training session with Stuart (my opponent for The Judo Challenge).

But this is me folks - I have returned fully chilled and recharged but guess what? While I was away I managed to get another cracked rib!

The story of how I got this latest injury shall remain a mini mystery (email me at if you really want to know) but lets just say that in a weird kind of way I enjoyed getting it, and leave it there.

Four days after landing back in the UK I returned to the scene of the first rib injury - Camberley Judo Club, where I learnt yet more techniques from Coach Skillcorn albeit mostly from watching...and thanks to the help of Matt & Big Matt - cheers lads!

Coach Skillcorn's just recovering from keyhole surgery on his knee but was still clearly the most dangerous man in the room, you can check out his blog and wish him well for his road back to fitness here.

How was Sri Lanka? Well to be honest I'm still missing the place and think I will be for some years to come, its glorious over there, you really should visit.

While away my bowels got jealous of the attention my ribs were getting and rebelled, causing me to have the Sri Lankan equivalent of Delhi Belly for a number of days.

By Day 4 I decided to fight back by drinking and eating whatever I pleased (so long as I was near a clean toilet), 'to hell with it' I thought and though I won the Battle Of The Bowels my ribs fault to regain my attention by cracking on the other side from before on Day 11...gits.

Highlights of the trip with my lovely missus include:
  • Seeing our cherub of a pal, Abs (or Abigail as she's come to be know over there...shhh she doesn't actually like being called anything other than Abs) - thanks for putting us up and putting up with us!
  • Meeting new friends; Mark, Archie, Hailey, Olena, Chris, Lucy, Tim & Rachel .... great folk one and all.
  • Sundowners at the Galle Face Hotel in Colombo.
  • Travelling by Plain, Train, Car, 4x4 and Tuk Tuk (and seeing Tuk Tuk the brand - check it out here)
  • Dancing in the isles of a diesel train with 3 smashing Lankan lads & 3 great Dutch gals.
  • Toga Tours - surely the best way to see Kandy in a day.
  • Being surrounded by 20 or so local school kids (we took it in turns to sing songs) at Peradeniya Botanic Gardens
  • Staying in a suite with 9 rooms at a Bawa designed Lighthouse Hotel in Galle (upgraded for our 'anniversary').
  • Catching the views from Little Adams Peak, in Ella.
  • Visiting a turtle sanctuary, seeing local fishermen spearing for fish, going on safari at Yala National Park where we saw buffalo, lizards, a crocodile, numerous exotic birds, deer, elephants and not one but TWO leopards...all in one day out from Unawatuna.
  • A mini bike ride thanks to ex pat Alex and his local lads.
  • Chilling at Wijaya Beach - there's no place better in the World to chill folks!
Also while I was away I managed to fully read one book and start a second, both are completely different and having now finished the latter I can recommend them both:
  1. 'What On Earth Evolved' by Christopher Lloyd - the 100 Most Influential Species the World has ever seen.
  2. 'Flight from Deathrow' by Harry Hill - the bonkers first novel by one of the finest comedians ever to don a shirt.
If you've not already booked your ticket to Sri Lanka then now's your cue to do so...

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