Sunday, 10 April 2011

New England for New Ribs?

Hi Y'all,

I'm currently plonked in my hotel room here in Boston, Massachusetts with an annoying dilemma:

My ribs are still recovering from being cracked one side some 5 or so weeks ago, and then on the other side 2 weeks ago - they seem to be taking forever to heal and to make matters worse I'm sliding back with my sporting plans all the while.

The dilemma I have is that while I can't really do any training on my stomach or back I actually feel OK everywhere else and want to get out and do some sport - is it possible for me to still go running? Or will this hamper my recovery? That is my dilemma!

Like most other fellas I like to bypass the doctors visit, self diagnose and ignore long recovery periods by getting back on with exercising well before I should but in this case I have a fixed date that I need to be ready for...Saturday 23rd April.

I have searched the net and apparently rest is the best cure...for up to 6 weeks...I'm gutted.

If you've got cracked ribs yourself, read this.

What are you doing Saturday 23rd April by the way? You're all invited to come and watch The Judo Challenge take place at Camberley Judo Club!

I'll be getting involved in bouts on the mat with Coach Skillcorn's other students from 1:30pm, then later in the afternoon I'll be fighting Stuart (see pick below) for the Final of The Judo Challenge for The Everyman Olympics.

Stuart, Coach Skillcorn and The Everyman Olympian

Earlier in the day they'll be Kids Judo demonstrations too - it would great to see you there!

For directions to Camberley Judo Club in Surrey, click here

I hope you can make...I hope my ribs are ready!

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