Monday, 17 October 2011

First Handball Training Session

My back aches, my feet are sore, my clothes dripping with sweat an my right hand feels like it's been through a strenuous workout of it's very own (hold back the sniggers you in the back), and I feel great!

I drove over to join the Brentwood Handball Club this evening for my first taste of training for The Handball Challenge and thanks to Coach Kuller Rabaca I may even being joining the team for the whole season.

Coach Kuller Rabaca put six of us through our paces while three others practised Goal Keeping drills at the other end of the court, then we joined to play a 5-a-side match that ensured I was thrown in at the deep end.

I loved the training element and the warm-up drills as they were varied and I felt I was learning pretty quickly - I now need to work out how to put this into practise during a game, because I was pretty shoddy in the mini match.

This Saturday (22nd October) I'll hopefully make it there in time to get my first competitive match in too, if you're around from 3pm in the Brentwood area then why not come along, here's the address:

Brentwood Centre
Doddinghurst Road
CM15 9NN

Telephone: 01277 215151

Coach Kuller Rabaca and The Everyman Olympian - as taken by Ralf, who had shaky hands after remaining from 12 years in the Handball Wilderness

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