Friday, 21 October 2011

Slamming Kicks

I'm a great believer in having the right tools for the job, for Running I always wear NewBalance; personally I don't think there's a better brand out there, their tech is top of the range and they manufacture in both the UK and the US which no other Global Sports Brand does. But yesterday I had to find a pair of Handball trainers, and that's another matter entirely...

As ever when shopping for kit I'd done my research, very few specialised Handball brands sell into the UK market, it's just not popular as a sport over here (given that Handball shares traits with Football - other Brits who are useless with their feet really should give this a go!), so I was having a mare finding them and me being me I needed them for tomorrow (Saturday).

Coach Kuller Rabaca had advised me that Basketball trainers would be fine, and though I did manage to find a brand German called Kempa (named after Bernhard Kempa, a Handball Hero back in the 50's) but they only look to have one English stockist and I couldn't be sure that I'd get my kicks through the post in time.

So I switched the focus of my research to Basketball and of course only one brand kept coming up on the world's favourite search engine, Global Sports Goliaths: Nike.

I saw that my working day would take me right by their newest UK store, at Westfield Stratford City; conveniently located right by the main London 2012 Olympic site.

I located the right area within the store within a minute and had been intent on buying a pair of Lebron James 8PS which had just launched. Michelle in the store was quick to kit me out with a UK11 but after a few cheeky shuttle runs in a quiet corner, I could feel my toes jarring into the front so switched up to 12's.

The ankle padding compared with a Running shoe is vastly different and cushions movement at a higher level in the leg than needed for just forward motion, I could tell these kicks would be excellent for Basketball but maybe too bulky for Handball and another pair had caught my eye which Michelle informed me were better for speed but less of an all-round option...the Zoom BB 1.5.

Michelle with the Zoom's which I opted for and a card from The Everyman Olympian
Michelle also told me a website I could use to help find a Basketball team, that she'd live in the States for 5 years and played BBall out there, her son's a special player and making his way up the rankings AND even gave me some tips! Nice one Michelle ; )

For the uninitiated you can check out a Handball goal here:

Saturday 22nd October I'll be at The Brentwood Centre, joining my team Brentwood Handball Club for our first match of the season against Warrick - starts at 3:15pm, feel free to come and watch.

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