Sunday, 2 October 2011

Rising Star

Friday was an exceptional day for two reasons, firstly I managed to get a mini interview on my fave Indie music station in London: XFM, and secondly I had my first attempt at the Rising Trot for The Equestrian Challenge, here's how they both 'went down' (keeping up with the cool kids aight).

Driving to a work appointment in Kingston-upon-Thames I was enjoying the late September sunshine and had some cracking tunes on in the car, courtesy of XFM, it was a mighty fine start to a day I think you'll agree.

Camfield (the DJ on air at the time) mentioned that he'd seen a poster advertising all the paraphernalia that would be available for the London Olympics; trinkets such as umbrellas and mugs, that kind of thing. So thinking on my feet I pulled the car over and sent in this cheeky text:

'Ian - I'm all over the Olympics, literally: I'm attempting a challenge in EVERY Olympic sport...blah get the idea' (Obviously I didn't add this last bit but as you're reading this, I think you'll know what I'm doing).

Then my phone rang from a private number and it was the DJ himself, we had a brief chat after he'd played some tracks and then as I drove off again, buzzing I switched the radio back on and heard myself 'on air' - how cool is that?!

A few pals text me having heard the mini interview and I received a few tweets too, my pal Suave sent me this:

'Nice work cocker, making the big time now!'

After work later that day I rocked up at Wildwoods Riding Centre for my second lesson, this time Jenny would be my coach, she'd just returned from a hack on the Epsom Downs.

Another half an hour on Trojan, the robotic simulator, and then I was introduced to Bailey - a huge steed with a chilled demeanor that suited me just fine.

I learned how to get onto the horse and then had to walk him to a fenced section of field not far from the stables, he didn't seem to fancy putting much effort in on a day as hot as this one as Jenny had to convince him to walk on a few times.

Once in the lunge pen Jenny had hold of a long lead while I rode Bailey as he walked in circles around her. Following instructions I would kick my legs onto the horses flanks and the steed increased his pace from a walk to a trot, then we tried the Rising Trot.

Here's how it should work:

I kind of managed to do this a few times, it's all about the timing don't you know.

Jenny washed Bailey down after my lesson.
My pursuit of The Equestrian Challenge continues, hopefully I get some more radio interviews too - stay tuned!

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